3 To Get Ready, 4 To Go

3 To Get Ready, 4 To Go - HOME 1 - Early Awareness
2 - FAFSA Completion
3 - College Application Completion

4 - Signing Day
5 - Summer Melt Prevention
6 - Postsecondary Advising & Support
7 - Graduation & Workforce

What is the “3 To Get Ready, 4 To Go!!!” initiative?

The “3 To Get Ready, 4 To Go!!!” initiative is an evolution of the “3 To Get Ready!!!” campaign, which helps high school students prepare for their postsecondary education by focusing on applying for financial aid, submitting college applications, and selecting where they’ll pursue their postsecondary education.


Statewide initiative highlights:


The initiative continues to highlight three aspects of the preparatory process.

1. The Ohio FAFSA Completion Initiative - collective strategies aimed at improving the number of students who complete the FAFSA.

2. Ohio College Application Month - collective strategies aimed at assisting each high school senior in completing at least one college application.  

3. College Signing Day - a celebration of students' plans for continuing their education or training after high school. 


The initiative also highlights:

4. Access & Early Awareness - local organizations that provide support to students who wish to pursue postsecondary education options.

5. Summer Melt Prevention - collective strategies aimed at assisting students whose motivation to attend college "melts" away during the summer between the high school graduation and enrollment into postsecondary education options. 

6. Postsecondary Advising & Support Services - advising services that are available to students at their institution of enrollment as well as other resources. 

7. Graduation & Workforce Support - providing guidance beginning in secondary school through graduation and into the workforce.