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Higher Ed Highlights: Episode 24 - GIVEback. GOforward. (Special Edition)

Higher Ed Highlights: Episode 24 - GIVEback. GOforward. (Special Edition)


Through the GIVE back. GO forward. program, Ohioans age 60 and older can “give back” to their communities by volunteering at least 100 hours per year at any of the partnering local non-profit organizations. In exchange, they will earn a three-credit-hour tuition waiver from the participating university or community college. Volunteers may use the waiver themselves or donate it to another Ohio resident.

Research shows volunteering is a win-win activity with numerous benefits beyond the tuition waiver, including:

  • More engagement with your community
  • Increased physical activity
  • Lower risk of depression
  • Improvements in memory
  • Less overall decline in health due to aging
  • New and reinvigorated friendships


GIVE back. GO forward partnerships have been launched at a number of Ohio’s public universities in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Department of Aging.

Each partnership is unique in terms of the non-profit organizations that collaborate with the campuses. But all have selected local partners that allow for intergenerational interaction.

The Youngstown State University and Eastern Gateway Community College programs were joined this week by programs at The Ohio State University and Bowling Green State University. More universities will join the effort in the future. Watch this space for more details, or contact the sponsoring universities for their program specifics.