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FAQs for Volunteers 

At what age can I volunteer with the GIVE Back. GO Forward. (GBGF) program? 

You can begin as a volunteer as early as age 60.

Where can I volunteer? 

Volunteers have five programs to choose from: Inspiring Minds at both Warren and Youngstown locations; Project MORE at Robinwood Lane Elementary, Market Street Elementary, Struthers Elementary, and Taft Elementary; United Way Success By Six in various locations; United Way Success After Six in Youngstown; and United Way Imagination Library in various locations.

What will I be doing as a GBGF volunteer? 

Each program offers unique volunteer opportunties and works with the volunteer individually to match interests. To learn more about each volunteer program, check out the Volunteer Opportunties page! 

How do I sign up to volunteer? 

A volunteer application can be downloaded at GIVE back. GO forward. | Sign Up! Hard copy volunteer forms available upon request. Contact Mandie Maxwell at 614-728-3097. 

Can I volunteer at an agency of my choosing that is not on the list? 

Inspiring Minds, United Way and Project MORE are the preferred organizations. Since GIVE Back. GO Froward. is a pilot program, please send your suggestions to Corey Dixon at

If I have a current volunteer commitment at another non-profit organization, can I count those hours?

Currently, this program is designed to increase the volunteer pool in the greater Youngstown community and as a result, only hours worked through new volunteer commitments will be eligible for tuition waivers.  

How is a tuition waiver earned? 

A tuition waiver, good for a three-hour tuition voucher for undergraduate courses to Eastern Gateway Community College or Youngstown State University, is earned after 100 hours of volunteer service have been logged.

How many tuition waivers can one volunteer earn? 

Volunteers can earn up to two tuition vouchers, though preference is given to first-time vouch recipients. The vouchers are earned on a first come, first serve basis. 

Can I gift my tuition waiver to someone else?

Yes! A tuition waiver can be gifted as long as the student uses the tuition waiver within five years of it being earned and is eligible for or enrolled in classes at either Eastern Gateway Community College or Youngstown State University. 

Are there any residential requirements for earning a tuition waiver? 

Volunteers must be a resident of Trumbull or Mahoning County. Tuition waiver recipients must reside within the institution's "in-state" tuition boundaries. Please contact Barb Greene of Youngstown State University at 330-941-3504 or Kelly Wilson of Eastern Gateway Community College at 740-264-5591 x 1635.   

How soon can I start volunteering?

Volunteers are eligible to start earning hours  immediately. Volunteers must have successfully completed a background check with their volunteer organization before hours can be logged. Background checks take approximately one week to complete. Remember – tuition waivers are first come, first serve! 

How long do I have to earn my hours? 

A volunteer has one calendar year to complete the 100 hours from the date the volunteer submits the volunteer application. 

Since waivers are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, how many tuition waivers are available? 

Eastern Gateway Community College and Youngstown State University each will honor 50 tuition waivers. The tuition waivers are honored based upon the date that they are earned, NOT used. A student has up to five years to use a tuition waiver. 

How much time must I commit as a GBGF volunteer?

Aside from having one year to complete 100 volunteer hours, your commitment is self-paced, although the structure of your commitment will vary by organization. 

Can anyone else in my household/family sign up to be a GBGF volunteer? 

Yes! Anyone 60 and older is eligible to become a GBGF volunteer, as long as they are logging their own volunteer hours for their own tuition waiver. Hours from two or more volunteers cannot be combined to meet criteria for one.

As a volunteer, what will I be asked to do?

Volunteer opportunities and tasks vary by participating volunteer organization. Please contact the volunteer organization for more details. 

Can I volunteer with multiple GBGF volunteer organizations?


FAQs for Students

What can I do with my tuition waiver? 

As a tuition waiver recipient you can use the waiver for one, three credit hour course at Eastern Gateway Community College or Youngstown State University or you can gift it to a student. The waiver must be used within five years of the waiver issue date

When can I use my tuition waiver?

The waiver will take effect the beginning of the following semester.  The student will have up to 5 years to utilize waiver.  

How many tuition waivers can one student use?

One per semester (up to two per year).

I was gifted a tuition waiver; what do I do?

Congratulations! Submit your copy of the tuition waiver to the financial aid office at either Eastern Gateway Community College or Youngstown State University. 

Can I use the tuition waiver for any class?

The waiver can be used for any undergraduate-level, three-credit-hour course.

Are there any residential requirements for students using a tuition waiver?

Students must reside within the college or university’s Ohio in-state tuition boundaries. If you are unsure if you or the tuition waiver recipient live in an out of state county that qualifies for in-state tuition, please contact Eastern Gateway Community College or Youngstown State University’s financial aid offices.