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The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways enable students to streamline credit transfer among the state's public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers.

What are the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways?

The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs) are designed to provide a clearer path to degree completion for students pursuing associate degrees who plan to transfer to an Ohio public university to complete their bachelor’s degree. The OGTPs also constitute an agreement between public community colleges and universities confirming that community college courses meet major preparation requirements and will be counted and applied toward the bachelor’s degree. Students still must meet all university program admission requirements.

How do the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways work?

A student who completes all of the coursework within a major-specific Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathway (OGTP) will be eligible to earn an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree from an Ohio public community college. The completion of the OGTP will be recorded on the student’s transcript, and upon transfer to an Ohio public university, all coursework taken as part of the pathway will transfer to the university toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree in an equivalent field.

OGTPs build upon other statewide transfer initiatives such as Ohio Transfer 36 and Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs).

How do I get started with the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways?

The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs) are intended to be used as a tool to aid in your successful transfer of an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree program. In order to facilitate a seamless transfer experience, here is some helpful advice:

  • Identify your educational and career goals early. In order to make sure that you decide upon the best fit OGTP for you, you need to understand your interests, skills, and goals. If you are not sure, work with your academic advisor. They may have an interest or skills assessment to help you identify a corresponding career field and major of interest.
  • Seek advising. Academic advisors at our two-year technical colleges, state colleges, and community colleges are committed to helping you meet your educational and career goals. Express your interest in transferring early, so that they can assist in making your course selections.
  • Plan your transfer. The sooner that you know you would like to transfer and where you want to transfer, the better that your academic advisor can help you. Additionally, you can contact an advisor at the university to which you intend to transfer. They can assist you with your transition and understanding the application process.
  • Monitor your progress. Working proactively with academic advisors at your community college and your intended university is the best way to ensure you are on track and to make your transfer seamless.

How can the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways help College Credit Plus students?  

College Credit Plus is Ohio’s dual enrollment program, where students in grades 7-12 can earn both high school and college credit. Since the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTPs) map out the first two years of coursework for multiple programs across the state, OGTPs can give College Credit Plus students excellent direction in the exact courses they will need to take to complete a degree. If students know their career interest, students and advisors can use OGTPs to plan for the coursework toward the degree program of their choice, which will ensure a seamless transition to a public college or university in Ohio.  Students can get a great head start by planning early and starting on this path while still in high school. 

For more information on the College Credit Plus program, please visit the College Credit Plus webpage.

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