Affordability & Efficiency

Affordability & Efficiency Reports

Chancellor’s Efficiency Advisory Committee Reports

Ohio law requires an annual report: By December 31 of each year, the Chancellor of Higher Education shall provide a report to the Office of Budget and Management, the Governor and the General Assembly compiling efficiency reports from all public institutions of higher education and benchmarking efficiency gains realized over the preceding year. The reports from each institution shall identify efficiencies at each public institution of higher education, and quantify revenue enhancements, reallocation of resources, expense reductions and cost avoidance where possible in the areas of general operational functions, academic program delivery, energy usage, and information technology. The reports shall particularly emphasize areas where these reforms are demonstrating savings or cost avoidance to students. 





Pursuant to Ohio Law (Am. Sub. H.B. 64) The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a higher education efficiency advisory committee. Specifically, the law states:

The Chancellor of Higher Education shall maintain an efficiency advisory committee for the purpose of generating optimal efficiency plans for campuses, identifying shared services opportunities, streamlining administrative operations, and sharing best practices in efficiencies among public institutions of higher education. The committee shall meet at the call of the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee. Each state institution of higher education shall designate an employee to serve as its efficiency officer responsible for the evaluation and improvement of operational efficiencies on campus. Each efficiency officer shall serve on the efficiency advisory committee.