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Affordability & Efficiency Resources

The following are tools and resources for Ohio’s public colleges and universities in meeting the objectives of affordability and attainment within higher education. This list is by no means exclusive, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education recognizes that one size does not fit all. In looking at best practices at Ohio’s campuses, the following resources have been useful. Please note this list will continually be updated. 

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The most important measure within higher education is to ensure students receive a quality education. The following resources discuss this crucial component.

Course & Program Reviews and Collaboration

In 2015, Governor Kasich’s Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency in Higher Education report recommended institutions review both low-enrolled courses and regionally duplicative programs. One way to address these issues is for colleges and universities to share courses and programs collaboratively. The following resources introduce this strategy and provide guidance on effective implementation. 

Operational Excellence within Higher Education

Given the focus on attainment and affordability within higher education, institutions need to focus on operational excellence. Colleges and universities in Ohio and around the globe are focusing their strategic plans on being fiscally healthy and productive organizations. The following resources highlight these efforts.

*Please note that there are several colleges and universities in Ohio that are utilizing Lean Six Sigma; this list is not inclusive either locally or nationally.

Productivity & Student Services 

Productivity is a crucial element of any organization. Productivity drives attainment and affordability. The following resources examine this topic and provide suggestions on improving productivity within higher education.