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In order to better understand possible scenarios to address the attainment goal, ODHE has worked with the National Center for Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) in 2018 to develop an interactive tool.  Based on projections calculated by the NCHEMS tool, if we maintain the status quo of high school completion, college entrance, and college completion, Ohio is projected to be roughly 966,000 people short of its goal to have 65% of working age Ohioans with a degree or other meaningful credential.  Beyond having a shortage of a skilled workforce, the tool demonstrates negative economic effects for Ohio without some intervention. 

The projection tool below can be used to produce “what if” scenarios to find out what may help Ohio more significantly close the gap between current numbers of Ohioans with post-secondary credentials and its goal to have at least 65% of Ohioans equipped with degrees, certificates, or post-secondary credentials.  What is clear is that Ohio will need to undertake multiple strategies to begin to close the attainment gap. Initial analysis indicates that getting more adults to return and complete, closing gaps in attainment for students from under-represented minority groups, and closing the growing attainment gap between men and women will be among the highest value strategies.  Please investigate what happens when enrollment, persistence, and completion rates increase and disparities in completion rates by gender and race are eliminated to see how the gap closes and economic conditions take a turn for the better.