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University System of Ohio

Ohio's Public Institutions

Ohio's public colleges, universities, and adult education programs serve almost 600,000 students and offer every option from a GED to a Ph.D., ensuring that all Ohioans have easy access to a high-quality, affordable higher education. These institutions include:

  • 14 universities with 24 regional branch campuses
  • 23 community colleges
  • More than 70 adult workforce education and training centers statewide

Ohio's Institutions - Interactive Campus Map
This map shows all Ohio public institution Main Campus, Regional Campus, and Community College locations, as well as Ohio Technical Centers (OTC) and many Independent campuses.


Ohio's Public Institutions - Print Map (PDF)
This map shows a county-by-county breakdown of all school, OTC, and Aspire program locations.

If you want to inquire about adding a branch location to the ODHE map, please contact Stephanie McCann, Associate Vice Chancellor of Program Development & Approval at (614) 387-1466 or smccann@highered.ohio.gov.


Independent Colleges & Universities

Ohio is also home to numerous independent colleges and universities. Go here for a comprehensive list.


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