Ohio's Campuses

University System of Ohio

Ohio's Public Institutions

Ohio's public colleges, universities, and adult education programs serve almost 600,000 students and offer every option from a GED to a Ph.D., ensuring that all Ohioans have easy access to a high-quality, affordable higher education. These institutions include:

  • 14 universities with 24 regional branch campuses
  • 23 community colleges
  • Over 120 adult workforce education and training centers statewide

Ohio's Public Institutions - Interactive Campus Map
This map shows all Ohio public institution Main Campus, Regional Campus, and Community College locations, as well as Ohio Technical Centers (OTC) and Adult Basic & Literacy Education (ABLE) program locations.


Ohio's Public Institutions - Print Map (PDF)
This map shows a county-by-county breakdown of all school, OTC, and ABLE program locations.


Independent Colleges & Universities

Ohio is also home to numerous private colleges and universities. Go here for a comprehensive list.