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Otherwise, place your cursor on the map to drag and zoom to a particular location. The left-hand column lists every Ohio institution of higher education, by type:

  • Public Universities (red)
  • Public University Regional/Branch Campuses (blue)
  • Community Colleges (green)
  • Ohio Technical Center (OTC) Locations (Click here for a county-by-county listing) (yellow)
  • Independent Colleges and Universities (purple)

You can turn these groups on or off by clicking the checkboxes in the left-side menu (click the upper left corner to access). For more information on a particular location, click on its name in the list, or on the associated dot. To see a full profile of a particular public school, scroll down this page.

If you want to inquire about adding a branch location to this map, please contact Stephanie McCann, Associate Vice Chancellor of Program Development & Approval at (614) 387-1466 or smccann@highered.ohio.gov. 

Ohio Colleges and Universities map key
For a map of all Ohio Aspire program locations, go here

Public Institution Profiles

Click on a link to see detailed information about that school. For more information about an independent Ohio college or university, see the collection of individual institution fact sheets at the AICUO website.

Public Universities

Public University Regional Campuses

Community Colleges