Changing Campus Culture: FAQs

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(Revised 6/19/19)

What is the Changing Campus Culture initiative?

A single act of sexual violence on an Ohio college campus is one too many. Changing our campus culture is the only way to make a lasting impact of reducing sexual violence and ensuring our students know that they will be supported in their time of need. The Changing Campus Culture initiative provides five concrete recommendations that will assist Ohio colleges and universities to implement the best practices that will have the greatest chance of breaking the cycle of sexual violence.

How can my campus begin implementing the Changing Campus Culture initiative?

Campuses can begin by reviewing the Changing Campus Culture guide ( to identify which of the recommended strategies your campus is already engaged in and where there is still an opportunity to grow.  As a resource the ODHE has provided this self-assessment for campuses to evaluate their current practices with regards to the five Champing Campus Culture recommendations.

Have a campus representative contact Kerry Soller (, project manager for campus safety and sexual violence prevention, to learn more about the initiative.

How does ODHE track statewide trends regarding the experiences of campus community members with local efforts related to the Changing Campus Culture initiative?

The Ohio Department of Higher Education asks each campus to annually administer a subset of questions to their campus community. This data is collected by institutions across the state and returned to ODHE in order to identify statewide progress, track trends, and allow campuses to compare themselves to other campuses. This report provides the state average for participating campuses by sector.

How can my campus share the best practices and programs we're implementing with other campuses in Ohio?

We invite campuses to share what they’re doing with others. If you believe your campus has a best practice to share, please contact Kerry Soller,

How does my campus begin to adapt a survivor-centered strategy?

Survivors of sexual violence should feel they are believed and trust that the system works for them. ODHE supports the Ohio Attorney General’s 2015 recommendations regarding campus victim services and its relationship with law enforcement and victim services. Campuses are encouraged to partner with local community organizations to assist in providing support and guidance for the development of local prevention efforts as well as assistance in responding to campus sexual violence. Additionally, campuses are encouraged to work with local law enforcement to better support survivors. ODHE has provided guidance under the resource portal on this webpage to aid in the development of these partnerships.

My campus already has established sexual misconduct response protocols. What resources are available to make sure they're up-to-date?

ODHE has provided access to numerous toolkits for campus consultation on the resources portal on this webpage. In addition, ODHE regularly hosts webinars and trainings providing legal updates and discussion among Ohio Title IX Coordinators.

How can my campus join with others across the state to raise awareness of our commitment to end sexual violence?

ODHE has worked with campus and community partners to develop a multi-faceted campaign that demonstrates our shared commitment to ending sexual violence. A toolkit, posters, social media assets, and more can be found at the ALIGN portal on this webpage.