Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS)



The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) has been charged by the General Assembly with the responsibility to approve, approve with stipulations, or disapprove all new degrees and new degree programs to be offered by institutions of higher education in the State of Ohio. As part of the process needed to fulfill this general charge, the Chancellor has delegated the responsibility for the assessment of new graduate degree programs to the Chancellor’s Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS), which is composed of the graduate deans of the Ohio universities. Graduate program evaluation by CCGS leads to a formal recommendation and report from CCGS to the Chancellor. Responsibility for the final program decision, however, rests with the Chancellor. Program assessment and evaluation are based on the criteria provided in the CCGS Guidelines and Procedures for Review and Approval of Graduate Degree Programs.

The "Guidelines and Procedures for Review and Approval of Graduate Degree Programs" document is currently being reviewed and updated, and will be posted soon. In the meantime, please see your graduate dean for new programs and approval guidelines.

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Participating Member Institutions

Please note that Case Western Reserve University and the University of Dayton, (private institutions) which have extensive doctoral programs, were invited to join and are included in CCGS.


Stephanie McCann, Ph.D., PMP
Associate Vice Chancellor, Program Development & Approval
Ohio Board of Regents
(614) 387-1466

Ms. Charlotte (Char) F. Rogge
Administrator for Graduate Programs
(614) 466-0886