Ohio Centers of Excellence


The Ohio Board of Regents, issuing a bold challenge to strive for greatness, called on each state university to establish Centers of Excellence – defining those areas of study and research it excels in, then committing to concentrating and building on those strengths to gain world-class recognition in the field.

Ohio’s Centers of Excellence position the University System of Ohio to be a magnet for talent and a leader in innovation and entrepreneurial activity. The Centers accomplish this by developing distinct missions that are recognized by students, faculty and business leaders, while eliminating unnecessary competition for resources, students and faculty within the state. 

Ohio Centers of Excellence are important economic drivers, generating public and private investment, attracting top-flight intellectual talent, and creating an energized, entrepreneurial environment that retains top graduates.

Ohio’s universities rose to the challenge, and more than 50 Centers of Excellence were established. The Center of Excellence categories represent key industrial areas in which future job growth can be expected:

Progress has been made, and the institutions in each category promote collaboration, reduce duplication, and pool resources. Together, they help to make the University System of Ohio the best that it can be.