Climate, Energy and the Environment

The Ohio State University

Overview (PDF)


The issues at the intersection of climate, energy, and the environment are complex, and will require a breadth of perspectives to find sustainable solutions and create a viable energy future. As one of the nation's most comprehensive universities, The Ohio State University is uniquely poised to bring a wide range of expertise to bear on climate, energy, and environment interactions with a "systems-wide" approach. The Center of Excellence in Climate, Energy and the Environment includes more than 300 researchers from many of Ohio State's 18 colleges.

This comprehensive team leverages extensive expertise in engineering, physical sciences, agricultural biosciences, social sciences, business and law to sequester carbon, develop advanced solar materials, refine carbon-trading, generate cleaner, less expensive, and renewable power, create sustainable transportation solutions, track climate change, and protect natural resources—all issues that will shape national energy policy.

Driving Economic Advancement

New federal, state, and private investments into energy and environment initiatives will create a multitude of new jobs requiring a skilled, "green-collar" workforce. Ohio State's partnerships with companies such as Honda of America, GE Aviation, Ford Motor Company, and American Electric Power will provide its undergraduate and graduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the advanced energy and technology sectors and boost Ohio's economy. Ohio State's Center of Excellence in Climate, Energy, and the Environment has the potential to serve as the foundation of the state's energy future.


  • Ohio State departments participating in this Center of Excellence are highly regarded nationally, as measured by U.S. News & World Report rankings:
    • agricultural engineering (8th)
    • industrial and manufacturing engineering (14th)
    • materials science and engineering (13th)
  • Programs affiliated with this Center of Excellence have brought in over $66 million of support over the past two years


  1. Position Ohio as a strong competitor in new energy technologies and environmental sustainability processes
  2. Increase strategic partnerships with industries in climate, energy, and the environment to move proposed solutions into the marketplace
  3. Make Ohio a strong voice in the national debate on energy and environmental policy


  • Number of large research awards received in the relevant topic areas
  • Number of PhD graduates in programs affiliated with the proposed center
  • Peer-reviewed publications for each research area (this number already exceeds 4,000)
  • Number of graduates who accept employment in Ohio's energy and environment industries