Energy and the Environment

Ohio University

Overview (PDF)


Accessible, environmentally sensitive, and economical energy is vital to the well being of Ohio and the security of our nation. Located in the heart of Ohio's coal and oil fields, and in the nation's electric power "breadbasket," Ohio University is known for research, demonstration, and development strengths focused on the production and delivery of energy and fuels, as well as the monitoring and control of associated pollution.

At Ohio University, excellence in energy and the environment stems from multi-disciplinary collaborations that include engineers, public policy and public health experts, plant biologists, economists, and chemists. The productivity of Ohio University researchers and students and the quality of their work is enhanced by internationally known research facilities such as the Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology and the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment.

Driving Economic Advancement

Through smart fuels, Ohio University aims to create quality jobs. With the advent of a clean energy economy in the state, which Ohio University's Center of Excellence in Energy and the Environment will help to develop, close to a 1000 new jobs could be created in Appalachian Ohio alone and the establishment of a carbon management industry in the region has the potential to grow to $1 billion by 2020.

With close to $28.1 million in external funding and with a significant portion of the proceeds from the largest donation ever received by a public college of engineering—the $95 million Russ gift—Ohio University colleges, scientists, and scholars will help the state leverage economic stability and prosperity through the significant contributions its Center will make in the advanced energy sector.


  • Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota
  • RTI International Center For Energy Technologies
  • Energy Dynamics Lab, Utah State


  • Create spin-off companies based on clean coal, carbon dioxide sequestering, and alternate energy technologies
  • Enhance education on 'Energy and Environment' issues to produce a skilled workforce and leadership for Ohio
  • Support existing energy companies and recruit new ones through research collaborations and development partnerships
  • Create and promote a sustainable and economically viable energy roadmap for Ohio


  • Growth in federal research support
  • Increase in invention disclosures
  • Number of degrees granted in energy and environmental fields
  • Number of jobs created and retained by spinoffs connected to the Center
  • Level of technical assistance and consulting provided by the Center to business and government