Transportation for Tomorrow's Economy

The Ohio State University


The Ohio State University


Ohio's strategic location, multimodal land, water, and air transportation resources, and supply chain network make it a critical component in the nation's transportation system. The Center of Excellence in Transportation for Tomorrow's Economy at The Ohio State University harnesses the university's prominence in supply chain logistics, renowned centers for research on new designs for land and air vehicles, and strong expertise in multimodal and intermodal transportation system design to address state, regional, and national transportation needs for the coming decades.

Driving Economic Advancement

Ohio State researchers are designing intelligent vehicles and vehicle networks, creating sustainable vehicles and novel fuels, devising propulsion technologies for aerospace transport, developing next-generation geospatial information systems for transportation networks, and applying a holistic network approach to the logistics challenges of industries. This Center of Excellence offers a coherent vision that brings these diverse efforts together to create a transportation system for the 21st century that incorporates and leverages all of Ohio's transportation assets.

With participation from key industry stakeholders, such as Honda, General Electric, and Boeing, and state and federal government entities, this center provides the key infrastructure – research, new technologies, and workforce education – to create a sustainable, efficient, and effective transportation network that will ensure a prosperous economic future for Ohio and the nation.


  • Ohio State's Center for Automotive Research has been awarded more than $10 million in Ohio Third Frontier funding for next-generation intelligent automobile design
  • The Supply Chain Management and Logistics program in the Fisher College of Business is ranked 5th nationally by U.S. News and World Report
  • The Transportation Research Center (TRC, Inc.) and the Honda-OSU Partnership provides resources to support engineering research and education at Ohio State
  • Ohio State engineering students led the Buckeye Bullet 2, a hydrogen fuel cell powered racer, to an international record speed exceeding 300 mph in September 2009


  • Increase strategic partnerships with industries and state agencies to move proposed solutions into the marketplace
  • Position Ohio as a model for multimodal transportation systems of the future
  • Achieve the designation of a U.S. Department of Transportation National University Transportation Center for a statewide consortium of universities across Ohio


  • Number of new grant awards in transportation-related areas
  • Peer-reviewed publications in transportation research
  • Number of graduates in programs that are affiliated with the center