Transportation and Logistics

The University of Toledo




Northwest Ohio is on the verge of an unprecedented period of opportunity and innovation due to its key geographic location, which converge major highway, rail, sea, air, and pipeline transportation assets. With the potential to emerge as an international transportation, logistics, and distribution center, these regional assets provide The University of Toledo with an unparalleled opportunity for research in transportation and logistics. Transportation is a critical engine driving Ohio's economy and is the thread that knits regional, state, national and international economies together. Since 2005, The University of Toledo has been designated as a U.S. DOT University Transportation Research Center, one of only 60 nationally. It serves as a vital source of transportation and logistics leadership and knowledge. The University of Toledo and its UTC research program have made important and innovative contributions to improving our transportation system. The University of Toledo's Center of Excellence in Transportation and Logistics encompasses academic excellence in engineering, business, and arts and sciences.

Driving Economic Advancement

The center has had a significant impact on driving the local and regional economy. As an outcome of increased public interest and the growing understanding that transportation is at the core of economic development, the Joint Intermodal Task Force for Transportation and Logistics was created by the mayor of Toledo. With wide-ranging public/private sector representation, the group studied the transportation assets, demographic and economic data and market characteristics of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Out of that effort, in which the director of the center played a significant role, The University of Toledo authored a report that was used to secure a $12 million intermodal project, which is expected to create over 800 jobs regionally. In addition, the center is installing and researching the Ohio Department of Transportation's first "solar highway of the future" project, a $2 million solar array designed to offset the electricity consumed by the lighting of the center pylon of Toledo's signature bridge, The Veterans' Glass City Skyway.


  • Continue development to become a Tier I or regional UTC as defined by the U.S. DOT through research, education, and technology transfer
  • Utilize strategic geography, global access, transportation assets, and industrial partnerships in northwest Ohio to support a transportation and logistics hub
  • Continue work with regional transportation planning partners to support funding and development of the region's high-priority transportation projects that support economic development
  • Provide leadership for the regional transportation and logistics industry sector by establishing a regional advisory group and resources necessary to elevate the focus on transportation and logistics


  • Create an internationally recognized Center of Excellence
  • Advance technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation
  • Educate a multi-disciplinary workforce
  • Attract students, faculty, and staff in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs
  • Enhance diversity in the various fields related to transportation


  • Number of transportation projects the center participates in
  • Number of jobs (direct/indirect) created or retained as a result of center participation
  • Research dollars in the transportation and logistics area
  • Cumulative number of students and transportationrelated advanced degree programs that have been added since becoming a Center of Excellence
  • Cumulative number of transportation-related courses that have been added since designation as a Center of Excellence