Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan

Bowling Green State University




Bowling Green State University is uniquely positioned in Ohio to stimulate and promote basic and applied research and education about health and wellness and its applications for disease prevention, health promotion, quality of life, and economic benefits. BGSU has over 78 academic programs, research units, and student activity groups in the field of health and wellness, as well as more than 400 community-based partnerships with health organizations and agencies. The Center of Excellence for Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan has six primary focal areas: physical health, substance use and abuse, mental health, voice and speech science, family and marriage research, and health communication.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Center of Excellence for Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan at BGSU builds on its strengths in research and education to advance health and well-being in Ohio. Mounting evidence shows that prevention and health promotion programs not only save money and improve lives, but are more cost-effective than one-on-one treatment interventions since individual treatment does not alter the distribution of chronic disease and injury in the population. Typically, new people continue to be afflicted even though sick people are cured; however, prevention and health promotion actually reduce new onset of chronic diseases in many population groups (e.g., the workforce), thereby lowering the aggregate cost of treatment. A healthier workforce improves productivity and increases business capacity through lower absenteeism from work, less money spent on health care, and redirection of savings to other vital business functions. Therefore, the economic impact of BGSU's work in health promotion and disease prevention is immense.


  • First-ever National Center for Family & Marriage Research established at BGSU by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • The Center for Family and Demographic Research is a National Institutes of Health funded population research center with a special focus on the public health and social problems facing at-risk children, adolescents, and families
  • BGSU has received long-term funding for voice and speech science research by the National Institutes of Health
  • Statewide honors for a student-produced smoking cessation campaign led to state funding of the Anti-Tobacco College Project


  • Serve as an incubator for interdisciplinary health and wellness research and educational programs
  • Operate a "community laboratory" for health and wellness programs, projects, and translational research
  • Establish and sustain the University as a model community for health and wellness
  • Become a resource for Ohio and the nation for documentation of the economic, social and quality-of-life benefits of prevention, health promotion, health communication, and healthy lifestyles


  • External funding (grants and contracts) for health and wellness research
  • Successful risk reduction, prevention, and health promotion community interventions or programs
  • Economic benefi ts from reductions in chronic disease, improved worker productivity, and less absenteeism
  • Graduates of Ohio public and allied health and wellness programs entering the workforce in Ohio