Center for 21st Century Health Professionals and Researchers

Cleveland State University




The Center of Excellence for 21st Century Health Professionals and Researchers draws upon Cleveland State's long history of excellence in health professional preparation and its recent advancement of health-related research. The health professional component began in the early 1970's when occupation therapy, physical therapy and nursing were begun to ensure adequate workforce for the region. Collaborative programs have also been initiated in such areas as physician assisting (with Tri-C), and medical technology, medical physics and clinical chemistry (with the Cleveland Clinic). The research component of the Center targets a cluster strength of researchers in gene regulation, who study the molecular and genetic factors impacting health and disease. The Center creates, for the first time, a comprehensive structure to encourage the growth and development of the health professional and research programs campus-wide, through an interdisciplinary approach. It interconnects health practice with health research discovery. The educational and research activities will meet the workforce and commercialization needs of the region's largest industry in a coordinated and forward-looking fashion. The Center will be a provider of highly qualified professionals and scientists in high-demand disciplines, who are prepared to improve the health of the citizens of northeast Ohio, support and build the health care economy in the region, and provide leadership in discovering new strategies for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Research discoveries in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment will improve health care practice and propel commercialization in the health care fields.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Center is driving economic advancement for the state by ensuring a well-qualified workforce for the biomedical and health care industries – the largest employers in northeast Ohio – and by advancing commercialization through research discoveries. Cleveland State's strong and growing relationship with the Cleveland Clinic in its health professional programs is vital to the Clinic's ability to secure adequate personnel. Its partnership with the Clinic in the doctoral programs in biology, chemistry and engineering are pertinent to the growth of biomedical industries in the region and the state.


  • Student support, training grants, research grants and patents have been secured by the Center and growth in each of these will be an important benchmark of success
  • Cleveland State University strives to reach the same level of prominence of The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), which has 23 full-time occupational and physical therapy faculty, who have a combined $15.5 million in research and training grants and have published 800 papers in the past five years, and 34 full-time biology faculty, who have a combined $11 million in grant funding and have published 833 papers in the past five years


  • Improve the quality and profile of CSU's health programs to reach national prominence
  • Educate sufficient health professionals and biomedical researchers to meet the needs of the region
  • Add or expand educational programs in emerging areas of need
  • Increase CSU's contribution to the region's growing biomedical research economy


  • Reduce nursing vacancies in the region by 25 percent within the next five years
  • Increase the number of graduates entering the biomedical and health care fields
  • Increase the number of minority graduates entering the biomedical and health care fields
  • Increase the number of faculty publications, research and training grants, and patents