Institute for Neurobehavioral Health

Northest Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)




NEOMED has developed strengths that span the continuum of bench to bedside to community that focus on understanding the basic function of the central nervous system, developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques related to mental disease, and directly improving the lives of people with mental health issues through community-based outreach. Alignment of these individual initiatives into the Institute for Neurobehavioral Health Center of Excellence will grow research funding in this area, stimulate economic development through multiple strategies, and improve the health and well-being of our community, state, and beyond. One component of the INH is the Best Practices in Schizophrenia Treatment (BeST) Center that has a mission to promote recovery and improve the lives of individuals affected by schizophrenia and their families, as quickly as possible, by accelerating the adoption of effective treatments and best practices.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Institute for Neurobehavioral Health (INH) Center of Excellence at NEOMED will improve the health and quality of life for residents of northeastern Ohio and beyond through the discovery, application and dissemination of knowledge across the continuum of bench to bedside to community focused on the sciences of neurologic and mental health. The economic impact will occur through traditional outcomes such as job creation and through the improvement of health which directly drives economic vitality. Healthy people contribute to a healthy economy.


  • Awarding of an NIH training award to support postdoctoral training in neurosciences
  • ARRA award to the neurosciences research focus area to support summer research intern training
  • The BeST Center's partnership with the Margaret Clark Morgan Integrated Care Clinic at Community Support Services, Inc. in Akron has provided integrated primary and mental health care to more than 400 individuals with serious and persistent mental illness since the BeST Center's inception a year ago
  • The BeST Center was selected as one of four North American partners to implement FIRST, a comprehensive treatment program in collaboration with regional partners and the National Institute of Mental Health. FIRST focuses on early intervention for Ohioans who have had an initial episode of a psychotic illness which leads to a more complete recovery at lower cost


  • Jobs Created: 20 in year 3
  • Cumulative Grant Dollars: $10M in year 3
  • License Agreements 2 in year 3
  • Trainees: 15 in year 3


  • Outcome measures include jobs created, inventions disclosures, and grant dollars awarded
  • Impact measures include mental health patients newly-employed, reduction in hospitalizations, reduction in incarcerations, and reduction in medication costs