Health and Wellness: From Translational Research to Best Practices for Rural/Underserved Populations

Ohio University


Ohio University


Ohio University possesses strengths in the areas of biomedical research, medical and healthcare education, clinical and outreach programs, and in bringing innovative treatment methodologies to the world. Through these activities, the University is a leader in the state and region in addressing a broad spectrum of health and wellness issues. Because Ohio University's home is in southeastern Ohio, many of the programs and services are directed toward the rural, underserved population that resides there. Thus, more than any other institution in Ohio, the University has been successful in using a community focus to create an effective health and wellness continuum. The continuum brings together nationally influential research, local wellness programming, clinical outreach, and regional economic development—manifested in the creation of new medical products, biomedical companies, healthcare practices, and enhanced workforce productivity through access to quality healthcare. The excellence that is at the heart of Ohio University's Center of Excellence resides in its ability to unite all of these elements together in a health and wellness continuum that is unique in the state and in the region.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Center of Excellence in Health and Wellness: From Translational Research to Best Medical Practices for Rural/Underserved Populations will assist the State of Ohio in not only serving some of its most vulnerable citizens, but in re-imagining the pathways that link discovery, development, and dissemination. What emerges from this Center will have a positive impact economically and on the lives of individuals locally, across the state, and around the world. This Center will help the state to enhance the lives of those who live three miles or thousands of miles from Athens.


  • Research has resulted in 114 invention disclosures, 62 patent applications and 29 patents.
  • Ohio University was ranked 4th in the country for the amount of license revenue generated in relation to research funding by Forbes magazine, with $30 million in royalty fees garnered from the drug Somavert, based on a discovery by Professor John Kopchick, to date.
  • The Center also boasts several biotechnology company start-ups, including Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.,—the sale of which will generate between $35 and $41 million for Ohio University—Interthyr, DiAthegen and Promiliad.


  • Leverage the University's demonstrated capacity for interdisciplinary, translational bioscience research, excellence of its medical and health professions education, and its dedication to providing informed health care to rural and underserved populations
  • Establish three foci for the Center: translational and clinical research, innovations in medical and health education, and community health services, with particular emphasis on rural/underserved populations due to the University's location in Appalachian Ohio, which is characterized by higher poverty and limited access to healthcare


  • Amount of total research expenditures
  • Number of startup companies
  • Number of graduates placed in their field in the state