Tissue Regeneration and Engineering

University of Dayton


University of Dayton


The University of Dayton's TREND (Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton) Center of Excellence is a center that is building upon internationally recognized talent, solid research sponsorship and programming, and outstanding facilities. Established in 2006, TREND is dedicated to the understanding of how damaged tissues and organs can regenerate and how to harness such a property to engineer tissues. TREND is comprised of a dozen researchers from different disciplines who have compiled over 500 peer-reviewed publications.

Driving Economic Advancement

TREND is an important asset in terms of economic advancement for the State of Ohio due to the industry and clinical connections established through the Center, including Ethicon Endosurgery, Community Blood Center & Tissue Services, Kettering Health Network, Providence Medical Group. In addition, the Center has several patents pending on tissue cell discoveries that will ultimately yield commercial value for the state.


TREND is notable for its world-class director, Dr. Panagiotis Tsonis. Dr. Tsonis has had continuous funding from the NIH since 1990.


  • Increase the annual growth in sponsored research by 10 percent per year for the next five years
  • Secure significant funding from NIH, NSF and Department of Development
  • Expand collaborations with industry as measured by research agreements and partnerships


  • Number of peer-reviewed publications
  • Annual research expenditures
  • Number of contributing researchers and visiting scientists
  • Number of graduate students and post docs
  • Number of awards (state, national, international) and invited talks
  • Number of patents