Institute for Entrepreneurship

Miami University

Overview (PDF)


Excellence Statement

The Miami University Institute for Entrepreneurship housed within the Farmer School of Business distinguishes itself in three major ways: undergraduate teaching excellence, real-world immersions
and experiences, and an internationally-recognized social entrepreneurship program.

The program is dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurs to create innovation that matters. This is achieved through centers housed within the Institute and a focus on three vertical markets including social entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, and start-up entrepreneurship. Centers include the Thomas C. Page Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, which focuses on academic achievements and research; and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship which focuses on the teaching, research and practice of innovative solutions to persistent social problems.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Institute for Entrepreneurship prepares students not only to start their own companies, but also to thrive as risk-takers in existing companies in the launch of new products. The center works with several existing Ohio companies in addition to starting and launching new companies in the region and state. The Institute is also heavily engaged in community outreach to help regional businesses and entrepreneurs launch new ventures and products.


  • The Institute for Entrepreneurship consistently ranks among the top programs and was recently ranked 15th in the nation by The Princeton Review.
  • At least 36 students have started a venture in the last 10 years since graduating.
  • $10.9 million in commitments to the Institute's endowment.
  • Miami University is ranked #3 for best undergraduate teaching by U.S. News and World Report.
  • The Institute for Entrepreneurship has more teaching excellence nominations and awards per faculty member than any of the 103 departments or programs on campus.
  • During 2010-2011, entrepreneurship faculty received 14 undergraduate teaching excellence nominations and awards.


  • The Institute strives to bring together students with different majors from across the university with the idea that an interdisciplinary approach encourages innovative thinking and prepares graduates to be leaders in their workplaces and communities.
  • The Institute engage all students in real-world entrepreneurial projects in immersion activities, co-curricular activities, internships and courses.