State, Regional, and Urban Development

The Ohio State University

Overview (PDF)


The Ohio State University's Center of Excellence in State, Regional and Urban Development crafts the strategies necessary to foster vibrant, economically-viable communities of the future, with a particular focus on the role public-private partnership plays in economic growth and recovery. Drawing research, instruction and outreach activities from more than half of the university's colleges, including business, agriculture and public policy, the Center's diversity provides a unique perspective on the myriad challenges facing the state.

Activities in which affiliates of the Center are involved include: studying the sustainability of cities, developing enterprises for the new economy, speaking to regulatory challenges and working to ensure that research is translated into practice. The Center also works in partnership with government agencies and interest organizations, such as Community Research Partners, Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the Ohio Commission on Local Government Reform and Consolidation.

Driving Economic Advancement

Economic advancement in Ohio depends upon both upgrading human capital and spawning new companies and new product lines in existing ones. The activities of the educational and research programs within the Center of Excellence, together with undergraduate and graduate programs, provide a well-educated and able talent base for Ohio's workforce leadership needs, as well as technical expertise and assistance for Ohio industry. The Center impacts the economy indirectly through intiatives such as the Restoring Prosperity to Ohio, sponsored by the Brookings Institution and Greater Ohio, and directly via interactions and partnerships with industry that result in improved quality for Ohio companies.


  • The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
  • Center for Mapping
  • Initiative in Population Research
  • Center for Human Resource Research


  • Foster increased multidisciplinary collaboration among the affiliated research centers and research clusters
  • Creating a competitive workforce
  • Building strong communities
  • Improving the health of a diverse population
  • Increase interaction with relevant units and centers at other universities in Ohio
  • Create a stronger interface with Ohio's government agencies and the business community


  • Continued growth in external funding for the center and its affiliates
  • Number of PhD students graduated per faculty member
  • Number of archival journal publications per year per faculty
  • Improved graduate program rankings for affiliated programs
  • Increased application of research to Ohio-specific cases
  • Increased training offerings to employees of Ohio companies
  • Number of affiliated faculty who are members of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Sciences