The Scripps College of Communication

Ohio University

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Ohio University

The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University is exceptional in the state and the nation because of its combined breadth and excellence. It is home to professional programs, engineering-based fields of study, humanistic and social scientific disciplines, and applied arts. It is forward-thinking, adapting its curricula, research priorities and industry partnerships to technological, economic and social changes. The Scripps College of Communication is a multi- and interdisciplinary organization devoted to the study and practice of communication in all its many forms. The college is comprised of five schools (Communication Studies, Information & Telecommunication Systems, Journalism, Media Arts & Studies, and Visual Communication) and the WOUB Center for Public Media.

Driving Economic Advancement

Ohio's communication and information industries are driven by national and global factors including technological innovation, media convergence, changing audience usage patterns, business investment, and advertising expenditures. The five schools in the college are transforming curricula to prepare students for a world where they will change jobs frequently, need to adapt and learn new skills and work practices and develop their own businesses, products and services.

The Scripps College's prospects for driving economic advancement are based on the following factors:

  • Developing skills in entrepreneurship, strategic thinking and business problem-solving
  • Building communications infrastructure in Ohio
  • Multi-platform content creation
  • Developing interactive digital technology and video games
  • Communication training, support and consulting for Ohio companies and government agencies


  • Businesses in all fields, media industry companies, government agencies, philanthropists, and Ohio University have in recent years provided the Scripps College more than $54 million in grants, contracts, awards, investments, and donations
  • Faculty members in the past two years have won 15 national awards
  • Students have received more than 75 national awards and recognitions
  • Graduate programs have been recognized by external entities such as the National Communication Association and the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association as being among the best in the nation


  • Recruit additional first-class faculty and students
  • Secure internal and external resources that will allow it to maintain state-of-the art instructional and research facilities
  • Pursue curricular developments that will allow it to lead in knowledge production and innovation in order to serve the needs of businesses, government agencies, and communication industries
  • Through teaching, research and service, continue to be widely known as one of the best colleges of communication in the country


  • Private investment into program
  • External national and international program rankings
  • Number of companies that have relationships with the Center of Excellence
  • Jobs created in the state or region in industries related to the Center of Excellence
  • Graduates placed in their field in the state