Immersive Technology

Shawnee State University

Overview (PDF)

Shawnee State University

Shawnee State's Center of Excellence in Immersive Technology is built on pioneering academic programs in digital simulation and gaming, a state-of-the-art motion capture studio, and a developing Immersive Technology and Arts Commercial Center.

The Center of Excellence combines immersive technology with Shawnee State's strengths in teaching to deliver a unique collaboration, one that creates new opportunities for economic growth in the region and state.

Driving Economic Advancement

Immersive technology refers to computer-based simulation of reality with physical, spatial, and visual dimensions. The gaming and simulation industry promises explosive growth that can be a catalyst in our state's economic renaissance.

Immersive technology is already known for its applications in entertainment; however, its real potential lies in all fields of teaching, learning, and training such as medicine, science, education, and engineering.


  • Innovative baccalaureate programs in Gaming and Simulation offered through the Department of Engineering Technology and the Department of Fine, Digital and Performing Arts
  • Nationally recognized annual conference in interactive digital technology
  • ITAC Motion Capture Studio
  • Immersive Technology and Arts Center


  • Achieve a nationally recognized leadership role in acquiring and applying new immersive technologies
  • Increase applied research and funding
  • Provide internship, career, and business opportunities for students and graduates
  • Cultivate collaboration and synergism between academic programs, business, and industry
  • Maximize use of the Immersive Technology and Arts Center by business and industry when not in academic use
  • Identify and obtain funding for development of the Immersive Technology and Arts Center
  • Facilitate and expand commercialization efforts for the Motion Capture Studio
  • Have a significant economic impact on the community, region, and state


  • External grants
  • Student internships
  • Number of students working in their field in the State of Ohio
  • Business startups in Ohio
  • Usage and revenue generated by Motion Capture Studio