The Institute for Advanced Materials

Case Western Reserve University




Tracing its roots in advanced materials back to 1880, Case Western Reserve University continues to lead in the academic study of polymers, metals, ceramics, composites and biomaterials. The Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials, the Institute for Advanced Materials, at Case Western Reserve University (IAM@Case) was established to bring together nationally and internationally recognized faculty researchers to engage in multi-disciplinary efforts on a broad range of materials that are not only ubiquitous in everyday life, but are cornerstones to many key technology areas. Specifically, IAM@Case is focused on strategic research initiatives that have impact on national needs in human health, energy, and the environment. Ninety members of the CWRU faculty are focused on four key areas of materials research. In addition to the vast amount of ongoing efforts in Fundamental Materials Research, expanding efforts include:

  • Materials for Human Health to enable implantable devices, drug delivery, wound care, tissue engineering, and dental appliances.
  • Materials for Energy to support advances in electrochemistry, photovoltaics, transportation, energy storage, and semiconductors.
  • Materials for Sustainability to generate new developments in renewable resources, recyclables, and environmentally benign infrastructures.

Driving Economic Advancement

With approximately ten percent of Ohio's high tech workforce engaged in advanced materials and related industries, one of the Institute's primary goals is to enhance and energize Ohio's advanced materials industrial base and manufacturing capabilities by leveraging the next generation of new materials. IAM is working with industry on innovative models for academic/industrial partnerships that will foster developments in key Ohio technology areas. Impact will be felt by sectors including biotechnology, energy and advanced materials which rely on the manufacturing capabilities and expertise within the state. Engaging industrial partners in open innovation and collaboration efforts will address their targeted technical needs. This, coupled with their access to facilities and resources will increase the speed at which their solutions are brought to market. Equally important, the Case Western Reserve graduate and undergraduate students participating in the Institute will be primed with the skills and knowledge necessary to serve as the next generation of engineers and scientists within the materials industry.


  • $38 million annually in materials research funding


  • Position Ohio as the national resource for advanced materials research in the country
  • Position Ohio as a magnet for start-ups in the advanced materials sector
  • Establish Case Western Reserve University as a national and international leader in materials research
  • Increase the number and diversity of faculty engaged in materials research


  • Number of large grants received
  • Number of publications in peer reviewed journals
  • Number of corporate partnerships developed and maintained
  • Percentage use of available facilities and resources
  • Advancement of Case Western Reserve University's reputation in the area of Materials Research
  • Number of graduates with materials background and expertise