Emerging Center of Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering

Youngstown State University


Youngstown State University


The Emerging Center of Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering (ECEMSE) at Youngstown State University (YSU) is devoted to the preparation, characterization, and development of materials for practical applications of benefit to society. The ECEMSE is distinguished by state-of-the-art materials characterization facilities, dedicated personnel, and a strong commitment to engaging industrial participants in collaborative research. The Center focuses on the transformation of novel ceramic, metallic, and electronic materials into manufactured products with properties appropriate for energy and related industries. ECEMSE will also provide enhanced educational initiatives toward the primary goal of fueling economic growth of the greater Youngstown region and collaborate with other materials centers of excellence throughout Ohio as it grows.

Driving Economic Advancement

The continued growth of industrial collaborators leading to economic development in the context of the ECEMSE requires that YSU offers two key ingredients: infrastructure and materials research personnel. The College of STEM has already acquired a tremendous amount of state-of-the-art instrumentation that is fundamental to materials sciences research and relevant economic development. Through funding from the programs of the Ohio Third Frontier, the National Science Foundation and others, YSU has established state-of-the-art TEM/SEM and NMR facilities, as well as world class facilities in XRD, atomic force microscopy, and other materials characterization instrumentation. In addition, YSU is a recognized leader in the development of remotely accessible instrumentation, working in collaboration with Bruker Instruments and local software development entrepreneurial companies. This instrumentation makes on-site equipment effi ciently and readily available to industrial collaborators.


  • Over $8.4 million in current funded projects
  • Established and growing Industrial collaborations with local companies


  • Create new Ph.D. program and expand related M.S. programs
  • Addition of new instrumentation staff to support research programs requiring electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and/or NMR facilities
  • Significantly increase support through research grants
  • Continued impact on regional industry to foster technological innovation


  • Job growth in the Youngstown area as local participating companies grow through ECEMSE driven R&D
  • New materials faculty with strong research credentials