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  • Ohio College Application Month will be held October 1 - November 17,  2017
  • Sites must register here 
  • Your school's Ohio College Application Month (OCAM) will be most successful with a committed coordinator/coordinators at each site. We recommend that coordinators work with a dedicated and committed team of colleagues, volunteers and students to develop a CAM event that is unique to the needs and interests of your community.
  • A successful College Application Month event is all about being prepared. The Planning Resources listed below are designed to help you and your students be as prepared as possible for your event. These resources will be available to you once you have submitted the Site Application Form.

Schools/sites implementing Ohio College Application Month events will:



Ideas from Other Ohio College Application Month Site Coordinators

Coordinate Your Site Team

  • Have your event well-organized from pre-planning through logistics, and follow-up, having the event well-organized by a collaborative team will help it run smoothly.

Build Interest for the Event

  • Hold a raffle for a small scholarship or college-related items like a desktop printer, food cards, gas cards. All students completing at least one application are eligible for the drawings.
  • Ask teachers to wear college colors of their alma maters and decorate their classrooms/doors/hallways with their college colors. Hold a contest for the best-decorated homeroom door/room.
  • Host a parent/student college application information evening and a financial aid information evening which was helpful, particularly to parents.
  • Send out college trivia questions via Facebook, Twitter, and email and award prizes. Hide30 college mascots and give prizes to the students who find them.
  • Create a bulletin board for seniors to indicate their intent after graduation.

Preparing Students to Apply

  • Meet with each senior English class and give a College Bound/Career Bound presentation.
  • Meet with each senior individually to review the transcript, high school graduation, graduation, test scores, college/career plans, re the college process and scholarships/school activities.
  • Have students in grades 10-12 create an Ohio Means Jobs account to explore careers
  • Host a weekly group for students to explore career options. Invite presenters from colleges, career-technical programs, and regional employers.
  • Ask senior English teachers provide lessons on college/scholarship essay writing.
  • Ask junior English teachers to focus on ACT prep.
  • Ag teachers assigned kids to either job shadow or visit a college.
  • Host essay writing workshops.
  • Host themed lunch sessions, e.g., "So You Want to go to Art School!" or "I Applied to College: Now What?”.

Grow Your Partnerships

  • Ask college admission representatives and/or college access organization representatives to speak to students and parents.
  • Reach out to recent graduates of the high school, inviting them to present their post-high school success stories with students.

Enlist Volunteers

  • Ask local volunteers from the community to support students in the application process.
  • Ask college admissions professionals to volunteer with the understanding that their role is not to promote their individual college or university, but to assist students.

Prepare Materials

  • Have pre-printed student transcripts ready for the day of the event.

Ensure Logistics Are In Place

  • Secure additional computers for our students during this time to assist them with their apps.
  • Invite 12th grade English classes to the event.
  • Secure the media center/library for students to work on college applications.
  • Host open labs during the school free time and call down students who have not yet applied to college but have expressed an interest in applying.
  • Provide snacks for the students while they are completing their applications.
  • We held the event in a library with laptops to give volunteers more space to move around and help more students.
  • Be sure to have enough volunteers to provide sufficient one-on-one support for each participating student.

Follow Up on Details

  • Have the students fill out informational cards indicating the colleges/universities to which they applied so that the high school staff can cross-reference them with requests for transcripts to assure transcripts are being sent.