Ohio College Application Month - Students

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Why apply?

  • Prepare for leading job opportunities. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce states that by 2018 almost 60% of all jobs in Ohio will require postsecondary education beyond high school.
  • Earn higher income. On average, college degree students earn more than non-college degree students.
  • Find your passion. College provides you with an opportunity to explore your interests and introduce you to ideas you may have never thought of before. Exploring college majors is a  great way to find your passion for work and to help secure your future.
  • College Application Frequently Asked Questions PDF
  • Student Pre-Application Data Collection Sheet
  • Student Survey (complete after OCAM event)


•Assess your skills and map out your career plan.
•Search for jobs in your area.
•Post your résumé for Ohio employers.