Ohio College Portraits & Calculators

Measuring Up to the Best

CollegePortrait.gifThe Voluntary System of Accountability is a program run by a nationwide consortium of colleges and universities. The performance of each VSA school is evaluated on a wide range of measures, allowing the public to compare the data with other schools around the country. Although individual institutions were already VSA members, Ohio is one of the first states to have all its public universities participate as a system.

Below are links to the College Portraits of many of the universities that comprise the University System of Ohio. Each profile offers easily understandable, standardized information about the school (in such areas as student characteristics, undergraduate success and progress, retention, and more), allowing prospective students to make apple-to-apple comparisons and find the perfect educational environment for themselves.

College Portraits

Net Price Calculators

Net price calculators help students and their families plan for college expenses by estimating actual out-of-pocket college costs minus scholarships and grants based upon what similar students and families have paid at the college in the past. Use the links below to get access to the net price calculators for all of the colleges and universities in the University System of Ohio:


Regional Campuses

Community Colleges

Other College Comparison Sites