College Readiness and P-16 Connections

Statewide Uniform Remediation-Free Standards

Ohio’s public college and university presidents were charged with establishing uniform statewide standards in mathematics, science, reading, and writing that each student enrolled in a state institution of higher education must meet to be considered remediation-free. The presidents also shall establish assessments, if they deem necessary, to determine if a student meets the standards adopted under this division. Each institution is responsible for assessing the needs of its enrolled students in the manner adopted by the presidents. The board of trustees or managing authority of each state institution of higher education shall adopt the remediation-free status standard, and any related assessments, into the institution’s policies.” (See 3345.061 (F) of the Ohio Revised Code). The remediation-free standards established by the public college and university presidents serve as a clear target for Ohio’s educators.

Click here to download the 2012 Uniform Statewide Standards for Remediation-Free Status Report (PDF)


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