Technology Transfer and Commercialization Task Force


The Ohio Department of Higher Education's Board of Regents have assembled a Technology Transfer and Commercialization Task Force made up of higher education and industry leaders, including university presidents, corporate CEOs, financial investors, industry advocates, and entrepreneurial intermediaries.

The Task Force is being overseen by the Ohio Board of Regents' Commercialization Subcommittee, chaired by Regent Vinny Gupta. Support also comes from the ODHE senior staff with a small steering committee to coordinate and facilitate Task Force activities. Relying on input from a diverse array of stakeholders, the Task Force is charged with developing a statewide commercialization ecosystem that creates jobs in Ohio by effectively and efficiently moving higher education to commercialized application in order to create new businesses, attract new businesses, and expand existing businesses.


The Task Force members believe they will successfully carryout this charge by:
  1. Identifying the most important factors and practices leading to the timely and successful commercialization of university-based technologies;
  2. Assessing current limitations, practices and barriers regarding university-industry collaboration in Ohio;
  3. Defining the current state of Ohio’s productivity in terms of commercialization and establishing aspirational state-wide goals;
  4. Developing strategies that have been the potential to increase the instances of university-industry collaboration and the execution of their commercialization activities;
  5. Defining the resources and incentives that could accelerate university-industry technology commercialization in Ohio; and
  6. Identifying opportunities for (a) infusing a culture of innovation within the  State of Ohio and (b) conveying opportunities and university-based intellectual assets to Ohio’s corporations.



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Status of Implementation of Strategic Recommendations For Advancing Ohio’s Innovation Economy (Download PDF)

2013 Condition Report
2012 Advancing Ohio's Innovation Economy: The first-ever comprehensive report on improving statewide commercialization efforts among the university research and business community (Download PDF) 11.jpg