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The Complete College Ohio Task Force Report & Recommendations identifies an array of policies, practices and programs for improving students’ college readiness, reducing the time it takes for students to attain a certificate or degree, and incentivizing progress and completion.


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Ohio currently ranks 38th among the states with only 26% of adults holding a bachelor’s degree, compared with a national average of 31%.  That 5% gap represents billions of dollars in lost economic activity to Ohio—by some estimates, $2.5 billion a year for each percentage point.

To address this issue, the staff at the Ohio Board of Regents has been asked to work with University System of Ohio adult career centers, community colleges, and the universities to implement curricular models for graduating students with the skills employers are seeking as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

This work will take place in tandem with our ongoing efforts to advance statewide credit transfer programs, initiatives to address issues related to remedial education, and increase the number of students graduating from high school with college credit. Ohio must take strategic and sustained action to increase the number of students who enter into our colleges and universities able to successfully participate and persist in their educational pursuits.

Task Force

The Completion Task Force will provide thought leadership for the development and implementation of a comprehensive agenda to increase the number and percentage of students earning meaningful credentials at Ohio’s public postsecondary institutions.

Support for Complete College Ohio

“Ohio State's ultimate calling is to produce college graduates who are ready to join the workforce and improve our economy. Clearly, it is critical to higher education and to our state that we look strategically at how to increase the number of degrees produced on our campuses. It is a challenge and a common purpose that we enthusiastically embrace.” - Gordon Gee, President, The Ohio State University

“At The University of Akron, our success is built upon our students' success.  That is why we look forward to contributing to and learning from best practices throughout the State.  We have shared our own research that helped us redesign our enrollment strategy to enhance the likelihood of student success, and we can point to co-op programs and internships that produce a near 100% job placement upon graduation.  Retention and completion remains our highest priority, and we are grateful that the Chancellor is equally focused on that goal.” - Luis M. Proenza, President, The University of Akron

“As leaders in higher education, we all understand the need to increase the number of students graduating with a college degree. Providing these opportunities to the citizens of Ohio—and supporting them throughout their college careers—is going to have a significant impact on the economic future of the state.” - Mary Ellen Mazey, President, Bowling Green State University

“Central State University will continue to work collaboratively with P-12 partners and vested constituents to ensure every Ohioan is college ready and able to pursue degrees and careers that support a thriving Ohio economy.” - Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, President, Central State University

“College completion has become a centerpiece within the community college mission.  At the same time, access and increased participation by individuals in higher education remains a critical component of community college education.  Together, access and success are the two strategic components of engaging students and expanding their educational opportunities in Ohio.” - Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton, President, Cuyahoga Community College

“A student's success culminating with the student reaching his/her ultimate goal is at the heart of the work at Eastern Gateway Community College. To aid this work, Eastern Gateway obtained private funding to refine and guide our student success agenda. These steps help the college to move the student success needle as we keep our eye on the goal of completion of courses, transfer goals, degrees, certificates and getting a job.” - Dr. Laura Meeks, President, Eastern Gateway Community College

Hocking College is pleased and excited to be participating in this important conference. The trustees and I look forward to learning more about what we can do together to make student retention and degree completion the primary focus and ultimate aim of our work together.”- Dr. Ron Erickson, President, Hocking College

“Kent State is committed to ensuring our students’ success and preparing our students to compete in the 21st century. Our ultimate goal is to graduate the students who enroll at Kent State. More college-educated students are needed for a thriving Ohio and nation.” - Lester A. Lefton, President, Kent State University

“Miami University's vision, like that of Complete College Ohio, is about helping students succeed. Miami empowers students to become successful, engaged graduates who use their knowledge and skills to improve the future of Ohio and our global society.” - David Hodge, President, Miami University

“Having served on the Complete College Ohio Task Force I am both impressed with the efforts of, and supportive of the recommendations set forth by, the task force. I believe they are meaningful and attainable for every college, including our own. I am confident that our Board of Trustees, administration and employees will embrace these ideas as we work with students to achieve their higher education goals. It is important to the students we serve and vital to our economy here in Ohio.” - Donald L. Plotts, President, North Central State College

“As the state's oldest university, our commitment to both excellence and access extends over two hundred and eight years.  Our University's mission and commitment to students to help them realize their promise is in accordance with the Chancellor's Complete College initiative. We believe in access to a higher education and we hold mightly to our responsibility to assist our students on their path to a degree.” - Roderick J. McDavis, President, Ohio University

“Owens Community College is committed to student success and ensuring that students realize their fullest academic and career potential. Higher education will continue to play a prominent role in strengthening Ohio's competitiveness in the ever-changing global economy and Owens Community College looks forward to collaborating with the Ohio Board of Regents to shape our state's educational and economic future.” - Dr. Mike Bower, President, Owens Community College

“College completion is a critical state and national agenda item for our learners. We are grateful Chancellor Petro is gathering trustees and presidents to address this very relevant issue.” - Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D., President, University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College

“It was an honor to serve on the Complete College Ohio Task Force and to contribute to this set of bold recommendations that will increase the number of students achieving their goal of a college degree. One thing is apparent - I think we can look forward to much stronger collaboration between Ohio’s P-12 public school systems and Ohio’s universities and colleges. Our college community looks forward to using this report to advance our student success agenda.” - Dr. Kevin Boys, President, Southern State Community College