Ohio a World Leader in Hypersonic Research and Aircraft Development

Say you’re a manufacturer in Columbus that needs to deliver a planeload of cargo to China…

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Business Enterprise Program Connects Food Service, Entrepreneurship & Higher Ed in Ohio

The late night snack is a staple of the college experience.  Staying up late to (hopefully) study and looking for a jolt of sugar or caffeine...

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From DJ to MD

A former Army combat medic-turned-disc jockey, 38-year-old Shermaine Hutchins knows how important a community college education can be on the path to a career. His time at Owens Community College in Toledo is a vital stepping stone to what may well be an Ivy League...

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Butler Tech Means Business

Butler Tech is listening and responding to the needs of the region’s business community. Through Butler Tech’s Industrial Maintenance Technology program, businesses with a need for skilled employees...

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ConnectED | Spring 2014

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