Butler Tech Means Business

Monday, April 21, 2014

Butler Tech is listening and responding to the needs of the region’s business community. Through Butler Tech’s Industrial Maintenance Technology program, businesses with a need for skilled employees in this field have an ongoing relationship with Butler Tech instructor Russ Bowles.  Bowles has more than 35 years of experience in the field and has developed strong relationships with the business community.  Word of his expertise has spread, and now additional businesses are contacting him with workforce needs.  One new company recently requested to come to the classroom to conduct mock interviews with the students in the program.  Interviews help the students with employability skills and help the company screen students for potential employment.  After the mock interviews, the company invited three students to interview to be full-time maintenance employees. 


Butler Tech values the voice of its business and industry partners, and recognizes that business and industry need to drive curricular choices to ensure that Butler Tech students have marketable skills to keep them competitive. Each Butler Tech program has a business advisory committee that reviews curriculum and makes recommendations for changes or additions.  A recent example of business involvement in curricular choices is with the local MillerCoors brewery.  In an exploratory meeting regarding new technologies and methods of operation, it was revealed that MillerCoors was using infrared technology to identify preventative maintenance needs on its electrical and drive systems. Training on this technology and analysis of the data resulting from the infrared reads were added to Butler Tech’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology program.  Graduates of the program are placed at MillerCoors to hit the ground running, saving the company in training costs and giving a marketable advantage to Butler Tech students to be hired.