New Website Allows Students to Find, Review Internships

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After attending an internship fair in the spring of 2015, Michael Fearer, a fourth-year electrical engineering student at The Ohio State University, felt overwhelmed. With over 300 companies in attendance, there was little to no time to learn much about the individual internships. And even if an opportunity sounded intriguing at first glance, what would a former intern at that company have to say about working there? How could he or any other student be sure that a given internship opportunity would be worthwhile?


Fearer knew that he wasn’t the only one feeling this way, and that’s when his entrepreneurial instinct kicked in to create InternWire, a website that allows college students to efficiently find and anonymously rate internship opportunities.


InternWire is a free service that works like Amazon, Rate My Professor or other review-based websites. Students are encouraged to rate and review their past internship experiences, and the more reviews the site collects, the more comprehensive and powerful its search engine becomes. Prospective interns can filter the search results by variables such as location, level of difficulty and pay scale, in order to find the internship that’s best suited to their individual needs and preferences. 


For students who aren’t even sure where to begin their search, InternWire also offers an online quiz that aims to match them up with open internship opportunities.


Fearer’s goals for the site are twofold—he not only hopes to connect students with the best available internship opportunities, but he also hopes to raise money for education-based charities. For every 1,000 views the site receives, InternWire will donate 1% of the profit to organizations such as Pencils to Promise, which helps build schools in underdeveloped areas around the globe. “As the site grows, I hope to expand the charities we can help,” Fearer said.


Between its launch in August 2015 and the end of last year, InternWire’s database had already grown to more than 170 reviews for 135 different companies. To help continue the site’s growth, Fearer is trying a variety of marketing tactics, such as a competition among business-student organizations to see which one could post the most reviews. InternWire plans to hold a national competition in April.


Fearer said he believes InternWire is helping to fill a new niche. “There’s been a shift from graduate programs and employers solely rating college students on their GPAs and test scores to caring about a student’s real-life job experience, and that correlates to a need for quality internships. I see a void in this industry and I think InternWire can help more and more.”


You can visit InternWire at