The Perfect Pitch

Ohio State student entrepreneurs compete against each other while gaining valuable industry insight
Monday, September 16, 2013

Some of today’s most successful companies started out in the dorm room of a young entrepreneur. There are many factors that take part in whether or not a business will be successful.  One of the obstacles that can be most difficult for young entrepreneurs to overcome is properly pitching their ideas to investors and gaining knowledge from those who have experience in business development.


The Ohio State University’s Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office (TCO) offers many services to student entrepreneurs by turning their inventions, ideas, technologies, and research into business opportunities and products that make an impact in the local and global marketplace.


One of the programs that really targets the pitching phase of the business development process is BOSS, a six week pitch competition where teams pitch repeatedly to a panel of judges, are given assignments and tweaks to make on their ideas, and return to pitch again.


Pitching is about understanding what your investors and future customers are most interested in, and developing a dialog that enables you to better connect with them. The panel of judges helps the young entrepreneurs craft their messages by offering helpful insight and constructive criticism.


The panel of judges is comprised of industry leaders and they ultimately decide which new student startup company are the winners. It is a great opportunity for students to learn the importance of communicating their idea to potential investors.

Lucas Williamson, Co-Founder of NMC Athletics Ltd, won last year’s BOSS competition and described the program as a critical part of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  


Lucas says, "The BOSS program and the team at TCO have played a crucial role in our start up’s development and progress over this past year. The website they helped us design and build has drastically increased business and given our brand a credible online platform to grow from. The New Venture team has nurtured, inspired and pushed me to become a successful entrepreneur. It has been an experience I will never forget."


The 2013 Fall BOSS Program competition is currently underway. Throughout the course of the semester, these pitch session’s take place bi-weekly leading up to a high-profile final pitch event in front of the TCO team, faculty, and the community. The field of 30 student startups will be narrowed down to two winners who will begin working with committed TCO staff to accelerate and launch their startup.


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