YSU Launches New Programs in Big Data

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
YSU Launches New Programs in Big Data

Youngstown State University is introducing new certificate programs in data analytics aimed at helping graduates improve and broaden their job prospects.

“Data analytics has become an integral element in all business decision-making and public policy-making decision processes,” said Ou Hu, chair of economics at YSU. “Students across many disciplines, including economics, English, history, psychology, sociology and many others who also have skills in data analytics will have a significant step-up in the job market.”

The new certificates on both the undergraduate and graduate levels are composed of three courses – data management, data visualization, and predictive modeling – and will be available for the first time this fall. The courses were designed based on an analysis of job postings for data analysts on indeed.com.

“It is important to understand that data analytics entails more than its technical aspects like collecting, processing, analyzing data, and evaluating results,” Hu said. “The ‘last mile’ skill is to effectively communicate ‘actionable insights’ from data analysis to the target audience. Students with training in soft skills, like critical and analytical thinking and problem solving, could be even better suited for a program in data analytics.”

He said business juggernauts such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet build their business models on analyzing big data. 

“Those companies have either recovered most of their losses or even gained from recent market fallout,” he said. “Data analytics will be an integral component of decision making in virtually all businesses.”

The certificate programs in data analytics is a collaboration of the economics, business, computer science, and mathematics programs at YSU.