Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV)

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What is the Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) initiative?

The Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) technical initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) to facilitate post-secondary career-technical transfer credit opportunities. New technology will allow the electronic exchange of data between the two agencies into ODHE’s Higher Education Information system (HEI). The integration of ODE’s CTE-26 application process and ODHE’s Course Equivalency Management System (CEMS) will allow for the automation of the submission and approval of secondary courses that align to Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs). The initiative will also phase out the need to submit the paper verification form needed to access the credit for those students that have successfully completed an approved ODE course that aligns to a CTAG and earned the required WebXam score.

CTAV Data Availability

ODE will be making student assessment data available via the Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) report in Higher Education Information System (HEI) as soon as ODE makes it available. The 2020 Academic Year (AY) student assessment data is not fully available. This is due to the fact that the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Student Assessment Data Collection Period does not end until September 2020. CTAV student assessment data for AY2020 will be uploaded a few times throughout the year. The AY2020 data began loading in July 2020 and will be fully loaded in October 2020. The CTAV users will be notified by email when new data is loaded. You can also see the date/time of the last data load when you are requesting a report.

As of today the following data is loaded into CTAV database:

  • AY2018 and AY2019 Student Assessment Data

  • The most recent data load was August 21, 2020 for AY20 Student Assessment Data.  

Below is a diagram that contains CTAV impacting timelines for both secondary and post secondary institutions.   Timelines do vay by institutions and this not meant to be an exact depiction.  This diagram represents the most common dates and is to be used for general referece.  An Adobe Acrobat version of this diagram can be found here.