Degrees in Nursing

Associate Degree in Nursing (Registered Nurse)

Associate Degree Nursing programs are offered at many of Ohio’s public colleges and universities. These degree programs are designed to prepare students to function effectively as registered nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care agencies. Graduates of these programs are eligible to take the NCLEX examination, which leads to state licensure and registration as a RN. College/university admission, program and graduation requirements may vary by institution. The following links provide information about the associate degree nursing programs offered at Ohio’s public colleges and universities:


Articulation of Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Degree Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ohio’s public universities that award a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree provide opportunities for Associate Degree Nursing graduates to complete requirements for a baccalaureate degree through RN to BSN Programs. These programs allow students to achieve the same terminal objectives as the university’s native BSN student by requiring prerequisite and transition courses. Ohio’s BSN degree granting universities participate in The Ohio Nursing Articulation Model, which provides guidance to enable optimal educational mobility for nurses in Ohio. This document may be accessed

The following links provide information about the RN to BSN Programs offered at Ohio’s public universities:

Institutional Requirements: For entrance and graduation, a transfer student must meet all institutional requirements which would include, but may not be limited to: minimum grade point average, residency requirements, upper division credits attained, minimum grades in specific courses, performance requirements, and other requirements of native students from the same institution.