HEI File Documentation | Choose Ohio First


The Choose Ohio First Scholarship (COF) is designed to significantly strengthen Ohio’s competitiveness within STEMM disciplines and STEMM education. COF awards competitive scholarship funding to Ohio’s colleges and universities to support undergraduate and qualifying graduate students in innovative academic programs.

The Choose Ohio First data files below are required for payment, student outcomes, compliance, and program evaluation. Each institution will submit a combination of HEI Core files and COF specific files using the HEI Portal

COF File Specifications and Documentation for Each:

Establishing an Account to Submit Files

HEI Institution Liaisons can set up user accounts for the new HEI Portal through the HEI Authorization site. Once you have an account, your user name is your full email and the password is one you select.

Additional Information

Important Notes about CSV Files - Applies to the CO, CM, and CC files ONLY

  • Fields with embedded commas or double-quote characters must be quoted.
  • Each of the embedded double-quote characters must be represented by a pair of double-quote characters.
  • Each csv file should have the column names in the first row (“header” row).

Other Notes about the File Documentation

Each input file described in the HEI Data Submissions document contains the following sections, describing important details about the specific file. 

Header Record - The Header Record provides information used in the processing of the data file. It must be the first record in the SE, SN, AP, and DC data files. 

File Description presents the type of information to be collected in the file. 

Submission Schedule indicates how often a particular file is to be submitted. 

Capture Date is the point in time when the "snapshot" of institutional databases is to be taken. Relevant data effective as of that date are to be included in the HEI submission. 

Relationship to Other File Submissions describes which files need to be submitted before and after this file. 

Data Fields presents a table with descriptive information about the layout of input files and contains details about the way input file records are to be reported. 

Field Name identifies the specific data element. The Field Name will be the same in different files when the data element being reported is identical in those files. For example, Campus is a field that appears in many files. 

Field Attributes and Procedures presents the range of possible entries for the field and (when applicable) refers the data reporter to the proper verification table. 

Data Format describes whether the field is alphabetic, alphanumeric, or numeric; it specifies the number of characters in the field; and, it indicates the columns of the input file in which the data are reported for the SE, SN, AP, and DC files. 

Additional Explanations provides further clarification of the reporting requirements associated with the file. In some file descriptions this section is omitted. 

Definitions and Descriptions of Data Elements provides additional definitions and descriptive examples. In some file descriptions this section is omitted. 

Handling Corrections / Deletions

  • The COF files are not the authoritative source of data; the institutions are responsible for the data they transmit. If there is an error or incorrect data is transmitted, please correct the data at the source and resubmit through the HEI system.