HEI File Documentation | Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx)


The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx) will provide users with interactive, web-enabled tools to connect Ohio’s university experts, college students, business leaders, and industry professionals in new information-driven ways. The OIEx Initiative, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, will use the information in a state-of-the-art web platform to foster the growth of expertise and resource-sharing networks through technology, social networking, and data analytics. Currently focused on the STEM disciplines, OIEx will enhance the visibility of and access to faculty expertise, and shareable, university assets related to biomedical, natural and physical sciences, engineering, technology, and mathematics to promote academic-industry-public sector engagements. 

Files are loaded using the HEI Portal. The user name is your full email address and the password is one you select. 

OIEX File Specifications and Documentation for Each:

Additional Information

Important Notes about CSV Files

  • Fields with embedded commas or double-quote characters must be quoted.
  • Each of the embedded double-quote characters must be represented by a pair of double-quote characters.

Importance of ID fields

  • Each file asks for some kind of unique identifier which is unique to that record, examples: PERSON_ID, CAMPUS_ID, COLLEGE_ID, DEPARTMENT_ID, etc. This, along with the institution the record is tied to, uniquely identifies a record in our system. We use these IDs to determine if a record should be created, updated, or deleted. This also serves to link all the different data files together to normalize the data. We cannot accept records without a unique identifier.

Required Fields

  • Fields that are marked as required must be present and in the correct format specified. If they are not present the whole file will be rejected.

Foreign Keys

  • Fields that are marked as foreign keys indicate they reference an ID from another file. This is how data elements are linked to one another. If a foreign key field is given an invalid or blank value it will be treated as a NULL value. If it is required and invalid or blank the record will be rejected.

Handling Corrections / Deletions

  • The Ohio Innovation Exchange is not the authoritative source of data; the institutions are responsible for the data they transmit. If there is an error or incorrect data is transmitted, please correct the data at the source and retransmit.