Credit When It’s Due




The Ohio Board of Regents is thoroughly engaged with Ohio’s public colleges and universities and their affinity groups, the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC) and the Inter-University Council (IUC) of Ohio, in advancing the completion agenda and pursuing reverse transfer degrees. Through the assistance of OACC and IUC, all 23 Ohio community colleges (100%) and all 13 public universities which offer a broad range of degrees have agreed to participate in this initiative. In addition, regional branch campuses of three participating universities will be involved. Regional branch campuses in Ohio typically offer associate degrees and serve as a feeder to the main campus of the university.

The Ohio Credit When It’s Due Initiative aims to award at least 1,300 associate degrees statewide via reverse transfer for the grant period.

Increasing credential attainment in Ohio is one of the Board of Regents’ top priorities. The Chancellor has established the Ohio Completion Council with the goal of helping more Ohioans attain a postsecondary credential or degree.  The Chancellor will release recommendations for the implementation of a comprehensive completion agenda in November 2012. However, one key component of Ohio’s completion agenda is drafted in the Chancellor’s Success Roadmap. Ohio’s Success Roadmap directly aligns with the objectives of the Credit When It’s Due initiative. The initiative will provide Ohio’s two-year and four-year institutions the resources to work together to award more associate degrees to students who have completed the relevant course work but also have goals to complete a four-year degree.