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High School to College Transition Reports

Feedback reports on how students from Ohio’s high schools made the transition from high school to college, focusing on measures of preparation and college success. Information is presented at the statewide, district, and high school levels of detail for high school students graduating in the spring who attended an Ohio public university or community college the following summer or fall. Remedial coursework is analyzed for their first academic year of enrollment.


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Archived Reports

Percent of First-Year Students Taking Remedial Coursework

Preparation for College-Level Coursework at University System of Ohio Institutions

Remedial Instruction as a Share of Undergraduate FTE

Remediation Rates of First-Year Students by Age and Subject Area

Second-Year Success Measures for Fall 2007 Cohort of First-Year, Degree-Seeking Freshmen

Uniform Statewide Standards for Remediation‐Free Status