Historical Reports: Student Inventory Data & Basic Data Series Reports (1966 through 2006)

Historical Reports Archive

Performance Reports (2000 through 2006)
Comprehensive presentation of higher education outcome measures in the areas of enrollment, preparation, transfer, academic progress, degree production and graduates’ employment, financial issues, and affordability.

Student Inventory Data
These annual reports contain student counts and FTE for the 38 state-supported colleges and universities. Data are presented by demographic and course enrollment characteristics, along with degrees earned and graduate admissions. If you would like more information about this report, you may view a narrated video describing the features and usage of these data.

Basic Data Series
These reports present facilities, faculty/staff and financial data as reported to HEI by the 38 state-supported colleges and universities.

Freshmen Remediation Report
This annual report presents data for enrollments in remedial Math and English courses of newly graduated high school seniors attending the 38 state-supported colleges and universities.

Budget Data Reports
The data represented in these reports correspond to the Unrestricted Current Funds budget at the 38 state-supported colleges and universities.

Ohio Community College Portraits (PDF)
Information on student characteristics, success and progress rates, cost of attendance, degrees awarded, class size, faculty characteristics, and employment outcomes at each of Ohio's twenty-three community colleges.

Full time Faculty Survey "Written Reports"

Part Time Faculty Report: 2001
The Ohio Board of Regents conduct a surveys of faculty at the 38 state-supported colleges and universities. Full-time and part-time faculty answer questions that capture basic information about faculty activity.

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