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lineLicensure Renewal

Please contact the Ohio Department of Education for information on forms and policies related to renewing your current educator license. Please note that if you are taking coursework for credit, the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Education recognizes degree programs from out-of-state institutions that have been approved by a regional accreditor. For online programs that lead to a new license, please review the Online Educator Preparation portion of this site. Please note that the Ohio Department of Education has issued guidance regarding the awarding of graduate credit for attendance at conferences or workshops.

Ohio Department of Education, Office of Licensure or 614- 466-3593

Adding a License or Endorsement

If you are interested in adding additional Ohio educator license or endorsement to your first license and have chosen the license or endorsement you wish to pursue, use the Education Program Finder to search for institutions approved by the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education to offer programs leading to that credential. If you are still exploring what license or endorsement you wish to add to our current Ohio educator license, click on the links below to further explore Ohio’s advanced licensure areas: 



  • Adapted Physical Education (limited to Physical Education license)
  • Adult Education (full-time adult program)
  • Bilingual
  • Career Based Intervention
  • Career-Technical Work-Site Teacher/Coordinator (limited to career-tech license)
  • Computer/Technology
  • Driver Education (limited to Young Adult or Multi-Age teacher license)
  • Early Childhood (grades 4-5) Generalist (limited to an Early Childhood P-3 license)
  • Gifted Intervention Specialist K-12
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Mathematics Specialist (PK-6)
  • Middle Childhood Generalist  (grades 4-6)
  • Prekindergarten
  • Prekindergarten Special Needs
  • Reading
  • School Nurse Wellness   Coordinator
  • Science Specialist (PK-9)
  • Teacher Leader (limited to a professional teaching license or permanent teaching certificate
  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages)
  • Transition to Work (limited to Intervention Specialist license or Career-Tech)
  • Urban Principal (may be added to a standard principal license or certificate)

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Administrative Specialist Licensure
This license requires a master’s degree (or higher).  Specific license fields include  the following:

  • Educational Research
  • Educational Staff Personnel Administration
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
  • Pupil Services Administration
  • School-Community Relations
  • Vocational Education Administration

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Principal Licensure
This license requires a master’s degree (or higher).  The Principal’s license is broken apart into three separate fields:

  • Principal - Grades PK-6 (for those with an early childhood, middle childhood, multi-age, or intervention specialist license)
  • Principal - Grades 4-9 (for those with a middle childhood, multi-age, adolescence to young adult, intervention specialist, or career technical license)
  • Principal - Grades 5-12 (for those with a middle childhood, multi-age, intervention specialist, adolescence to young adult, or career technical license)

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Superintendent Licensure
This license requires a master’s degree (or higher) and can be added to a principal or administrative specialist license.

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Pupil Services – School Counselor*
This license requires a master’s degree (or higher).   Teachers with two years of successful teaching experience under a standard teaching certificate, or provisional or professional teacher license can complete an approved preparation program and complete an internship consisting of six hundred contact hours in a school setting.

*The Pupil Services license also includes the following fields: School Audiologist; School Social Worker; School Speech –Language Pathologist; School Psychologist; School Nurse; Orientation and Mobility Specialist; Occupational Therapist; and Physical Therapist.  However, these do not have programs that directly target educators with teaching experience.

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