Educator Accountability


Ohio recognizes that high-quality teachers come from high-quality teacher preparation programs. To help improve the quality of educator preparation programs in Ohio, H.B. 1 of the 128th General Assembly directed the Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents (now the Ohio Department of Higher Education) to develop and system for evaluation Ohio’s educator preparation programs (ORC section 3333.048). 

Other Initiatives to Improve Educator Preparation

  • Principal Preparation Innovation Grant, December 2017

The Ohio Department Education, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, will support Ohio colleges that have principal preparation program faculty who are prepared to make the necessary changes to current programs or to begin new programs that will include curricular and experiential changes to prepare 21st century principals. The Department will use the Principal Preparation Innovation Grant program to promote innovation in principal preparation. The goal of this grant program is to facilitate change in the Ohio principal preparation programs within the context of national and state principal standards and the university/college accreditation guidelines. Funds will be allocated for the processes of revising, rethinking, and redesigning or designing principal preparation programs to meet the complex needs of Ohio’s Pk-12 education system and address the evolving role of the principal as school leader.

Information on the Principal Preparation Innovation Grant opportunity can be found here. This PDF includes grant information on the program purpose, timelines, proposal requirements, and other relevant information.

Proposals must be submitted through the CCIP (click for pdf directions on how to access and submit).