2014 Ohio Educator Performance Reports


2014 Reports




High-quality teachers and principals are developed through high-quality educator preparation programs. To continuously improve the quality of educator preparation programs in Ohio, Ohio Revised Code 3333.048 requires the Chancellor of Higher Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish and publish metrics for institutions of higher education that prepare educators and other school personnel.

The identification of metrics and the report format were developed in collaboration with representatives from the public and private educator preparation institutions in Ohio, state agencies, and organizations. The Ohio Department of Higher Education works with the Ohio Department of Education and higher education institutions to collect data on the following identified preparation metrics for the annual reports:

  • Licensure Test Scores
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Results of Program Graduates
  • Ohio Principal Evaluaton System (OPES) Results of Program Graduates
  • Value-added Data (EVAAS)
  • Candidate Academic Measures
  • Field/Clinical Experiences
  • Pre-Service Teacher Candidate Survey Results
  • Resident Educator Survey Results
  • Resident Educator Persistence Data
  • Excellence and Innovation Initiatives
  • National Accreditation

The commitment of educator preparation institutions to providing relevant data in a timely manner represents a major contribution to the success of this effort. Their support speaks volumes about their dedication to their profession and to the education of every child in Ohio.


Limitations of the Report

  • The value-added linked data represent only the teachers and principals with license effective dates 2010-2013 who serve in public K-12 schools and district-administered community schools in Ohio.
  • Teacher licensure pass rate data are from the Title II Report for 2012-2013 and reflect information for initial licenses only.  
  • Principal licensure pass rate data are reported by each institution and have not undergone the rigorous verification and matching process required by Title II.


Uses of the Report

The Educator Preparation Performance Report permits the public to view the aggregate data for all graduates statewide and by institution and program area. School districts and charter schools can use the report to make informed decisions about hiring; students interested in pursuing educator preparation programs can use the report to make decisions regarding which program to attend; and institutions of higher education can use the report to inform continuous improvement efforts, program planning, and research. These data will also assist state and institutional leaders in identifying trends to guide the development of targeted improvements in educator preparation programs throughout Ohio. The Ohio Department of Higher Education will continue its current practice of regularly convening representatives from schools, colleges, and departments of education to review the report data and format and to continuously address improvement opportunities related to emerging research and information learned from key state and national efforts.


Institutional Reports

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