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2016 Recommendations of the Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission
2016 Recommendations of the Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission
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Funding for higher education is appropriated in each fiscal year by the Ohio General Assembly. Department of Higher Education staff work closely with the Office of Budget and Management, the Ohio General Assembly and Ohio’s institutions of higher education to develop, refine and implement the biennial budget for higher education. Staff responsibilities include coordinating legislative committee involvement, facilitating collaborative consultations and discussions with stakeholders to formulate budget recommendations, managing and analyzing data, researching and drafting legislative amendments, and ensuring the appropriate and responsible utilization of state appropriations by Ohio’s institutions of higher education.

State Share of Instruction (SSI) Spreadsheets

SSI Information

The State Share of Instruction (SSI) is Ohio’s primary mechanism of subsidizing the instructional costs at Ohio’s public institutions of higher education for the purpose of reducing the cost of tuition for Ohio residents.  SSI funding in each fiscal year is allocated to public institutions according to a performance-based funding formula that incentivizes student course and degree completion, among other things.

College Credit Plus (CCP) Payment Information

Campus Financial Accountability - Senate Bill 6

Senate Bill 6 of the 122nd General Assembly was enacted into law in 1997. It is designed to increase financial accountability of state colleges and universities by using a standard set of measures with which to monitor the fiscal health of campuses. Using the year-end audited financial statements submitted by each public institution, the Board of Regents annually applies these standards to monitor individual campus finances.

Higher Education Facilities Bonds

The State of Ohio provides funding for capital projects to higher education institutions by issuing Higher Education Facilities Bonds. The debt and the associated interest expense are recorded on the financial records of the State of Ohio and do not appear on the records of individual institutions.

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  • Ohio Higher Educational Facility Commission (OHEFC) was created for the purpose of assisting independent, not-for-profit institutions of higher education finance the construction, renovation or rehabilitation of educational facilities through tax exempt bonds.