Forever Buckeyes



Forever Buckeyes, a provision included in the FY 12-13 budget bill, extends the in-state resident tuition rate to any public or private Ohio high school graduate who leaves the state but returns to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program at an Ohio college and also establishes residency in Ohio. The Forever Buckeyes provision of law removes the 12-month period of establishing domicile in Ohio before becoming eligible for in-state tuition rates.

By letting Ohio high school graduates know that they are always welcome to attend college in Ohio, the Board of Regents is encouraging young people to return to Ohio. While Ohio encourages Ohio's successful, educated young people to go out in the world, explore, and broaden their horizons, Ohio also wants to encourage them to return to the Buckeye State.

These students will become the workers that will help improve the pool of qualified applicants businesses choose from in order to grow their companies and be successful.

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